Observing with the 2.7m telescope at McDonald Observatory
Observing with the 2.7m telescope at McDonald Observatory

I am Andreia “Dreia” Carrillo, Filipina astrophysicist.

I am from Baliuag, Bulacan, Philippines, an hour away from Manila, which is famous for its lechong manok (roasted chicken) and chicharon. But now I am based in Austin as graduate student in University of Texas where I eat tacos once a week –admittedly on the lower tail end of the distribution of Austinites.

My work involves stellar populations, both resolved into stars and unresolved where you get light from a group of stars. I aim to bridge knowledge between the two fields.

I work with Keith Hawkins on Galactic Archaeology to study the formation and structure of our own Milky Way galaxy and how that bleeds into other research areas (planet formation, satellite population, etc.). I worked with Niv Drory and Shardha Jogee on decomposing spatially-resolved galaxy spectra into different stellar populations characterized by certain age and metal-content to uncover the galaxy’s star formation history. I have also dabbled on dwarf galaxy research back in undergrad at the University of Michigan (supervised by Eric Bell) and characterized a dwarf galaxy in the M83 group using HST and ground-based data.

Recently, I have joined the Flatiron Institute Center for Computational Astrophysics as a predoctoral fellow working with Melissa Ness and Robyn Sanderson to understand the abundance trends for Milky Way-type galaxies in simulations.

Learn more about what I do on my  Research page.

As a scientist, I am invested in teaching and mentoring the next generation of creative minds. My teaching experience ranges from being a TA for Astronomy introductory class, being a research mentor for the Freshman Research Initiative, and developing my own class for honors Astronomy students (check out my Teaching page).

Aside from research, I also thoroughly enjoy giving back and getting involved in outreach activities. This always gives me a deeper purpose for why I am studying the universe. That’s a cool thing and you can’t not tell people about how cool it is! Learn more about how I give back on my Outreach page.

When I am not working on astronomy-related stuff, I like doing song covers (when creativity hits me, I even compose songs), playing the guitar, cooking, catching up on sleep, playing squash, running, and practicing yoga. I also love to travel (not so easy anymore with my grad student money– oops!) and just getting immersed in a different culture.

Email address: andreiac@utexas.edu